Monday, 30 January 2012

Happy Birthday Clara!!

My darling niece...two years old...time goes so fast...

 You have melted my heart since the first second I saw you. Thank you for showing me how wonderful it is to be an Aunt.
 We send our love on your very special day.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Six months and counting...

Elijah is now six months old! Already half a year has passed, so crazy! He is now weighing in at 20lbs, and is 72cm long. What has our little darling been up to? Well, he sat up for the first time, he is still a bit shaky...but he can do it unassisted! He is now eating solids once or twice a day, he has tried avocado, banana and butternut squash. Elijah loves to hold the spoon and feed himself and lick all the goodness off with his gecko like tongue. Recently he has discovered the joy of banging and dropping his spoon...what fun...what noise!

He is not crawling but if there is something he wants he will inch, roll, squirm or otherwise find a way to get there-usually with some whining and impressive bum lifts. He is very busy discovering all his toys, stacking blocks and cups until he inevitably tires himself out. You can tell he getting sleepy because his head gets a little sweaty and his golden hair becomes damp by the time he drifts off. Elijah is also experimenting with his voice and sings us sweet songs of ahh..ahhgg..ah...uhh uhh..bbbbbb (rasberry) bbbbb (gummy toothless smile) ahhhhhhhhhhhh (sticks out tongue) uhhhhh.

It is so fun getting to know our little man, these past six months have gone by fast, but somehow it feels like Eli has always been around. We love you and your little personality that we get see more of each day.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The first time I ate...

This is my sister giving me my first taste of food at five months old.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Eating Party!

Today Elijah ate for the first time. From two people who take eating fairly seriously, this was a big deal for us. We celebrated with an eating party in the kitchen. What fun!
organic avocado puree mixed with breast milk

and after almost half of an avocado...he is full.

Click on the Video to see Elijah dig in! Remember if you get this post via email you may not be able to see the visit the blog.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

First Christmas

Moments of Christmas Splendour
Giggling while playing board games
Clara running her fingers through the icing
Feeling Nathaniel's soft cheeks against my face
Eating Dads salad
Signing Christmas Carols with my sister
(loving the sign for Heavenly Hosts)
Elijah's excitement opening presents at Cee Cee's
The old gold pendant from Mama Teresa around my neck 
Wonderful memories of Christmas in our matching p.j's-thanks mommy
Dan's excitement for his love of Espresso and his brother
Grandpa Don's guitar playing
Aquarium passes on a Salmon can
a little voice saying "too many presents"
The sheer surprise and excitement of Santa coming to the door
Cold walks, pretty lights and bunny "hunting"
Being blessed by Grandpa Carl
Falling asleep during the Grinch Who Stole Christmas
Catching up over lunch with paint samples and great friends
Sparkling Butterflies on the tree
The Glorious sound of Carols on the Eve of the Epiphany
My sister's thoughtfulness
The feeling of being a mom on my baby's first Christmas
on a not so cold night