Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Eight Months and Counting...

Elijah is now Eight Months Old! He has slowed down on the weight gain and is now 21lbs, and is as handsome as ever. His bottom teeth are all the way up and it seems like more are on the way. He is also making the cutest new sounds! He loves to play with my phone and the other day while Dan and I were completely engrossed in conversation, Dan's phone rang and it was Elijah calling!

He has been keeping us very busy with all his moving and exploring! Grandma Sandie says he sounds a lot like Uncle Joey when he was as a baby, and Grandma Lori says I was the same way...

He can now pull himself up to standing, which he does anywhere and everywhere, the bookshelf is a particular favourite (with the addition of pulling all the books off and even an attempt to climb it like a ladder, yikes!), so is the sewing machine case (how he adores to press the metal buttons and open up the latches), if the bottom dresser drawer is slightly open he will pull himself up on that reach for the next drawer handle and boulder to the next one, the coffee table has the perfect metal rods to lift himself up and scale across, the kitchen chairs are also a delight. So basically we have to watch him like a hawk, he is fast and furious.

Needless to say we have had to spend a great deal of time out and about, so he does not jungle gym every possible thing at the house. He is always up for an adventure and he has the most delightful disposition.

The park is a favorite with the glorious tress, so is the coffee shop that has all the fun toys (he loves the train table and the bead things on the metal that they always had at dental offices...), and the amazing Hillcrest pool is my new happy place (huge family change room, the coolest kids pool ever that has a lazy river and you ride the current, oh and the hot tub is my favorite, and Dan's personal favorite are the insanley high diving boards, we just wave to daddy).

Elijah is loving mixing bowls, he will play them like drums, flip them over, push them across the tile (making a terrible sound), unstack them, bang them together, and of course try to eat them. He also loves measuring cups, whisks and spatulas. His toys are old news this month.

We also had our best potty day ever this month and Elijah stayed dry from when he woke up in the morning at 8:00am until 6:00pm, ten whole hours! Oh and of course he would prefer to be naked butt all day long, resisting pants more often than not. Elijah also made us realize his month that a really sunny day does not happen that often here in Vancouver, as he tried to pick up a sunbeam off the carpet!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

the weekend...

Dan presented his 'nominated' paper at his conference this weekend! My hubby is such a smarty! The three of us attended his banquet dinner overlooking the ocean -so beautiful- Elijah was not so impressed, but I thoroughly enjoyed my three course meal (well mostly the the ice cream pie).

After a short interlude Elijah is back to eating solids, he devoured a mini cucumber and he loves yams and apples. Latley he has been resting his head on the side of his chair and smirking at cute.

Oh and we had a great potty day yesterday! Elijah had a dry diaper from early afternoon till 6:00pm, he even had a two hour nap in the stroller and waited until we came home to pee!