Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Our Buckaroo is Two!!

Elijah Xavier is already two years old. Running around, talking up a storm, and being incredibly cute. 
Two years ago when this photo was taken it was our expected due date. My Belly was bursting. We were so excited to meet you.  We still had to wait five more days.
Now two years later we have another one on the way, and you will be the best big brother ever!
Happy Day of Birth Elijah Xavier!
We love you.

Saturday, 20 July 2013


I was so excited that my cousin Jayna was getting married...
I thought about us as kids, alone in the creek under the bridge catching minnows.
Eating corn dogs from 7-11.
Sitting for hours in the dental office parking lot collecting rocks.
Beach holidays with yellow watermelon and henna tattoos.
Picking hot peaches off trees with silver buckets.
I always envied her magazine collection, and abundance of Guess T-shirts.
I loved spending long summer days laughing and playing.

When I walked into the hall, I cried. 
Really we are adults, with kids, getting married??!
Her wedding was stunning. I noticed ever little perfect detail.
The monogramed cups, the paper straws, the little eggs in the moss,
the center pieces, the photo wall, all the gold details, the little signs,
the flowers and wreaths hanging from the ceiling...everything was amazing.
She looked so beautiful,
and her new husband who cried during the vows...
oh melt.

I love you Jay.