Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Four months and counting...

Oh sweet little babe is four months old! I already had to put the 3-6 months clothes away...and I am worried that the 6-9 are already snug! Seriously? He is a very tall boy!
Gavin has started grabbing things this month- Dan's dreads, our dinner plates, anything in front of him.  He is like a little Koala Bear and will hold on so tightly to your arm.
He is also chewing and drooling like crazy, he likes to shove both his hands into his mouth or his little toy...perhaps some early teething.  Poor lil guy.

Gavin is super strong and loves to do little baby sit ups and rock back and forth when you hold him. He loves to stand, and when you clap his hands. Oh and is a big fan of kicking his legs to make his baby chair bounce. 
He is still the most peaceful little babe ever, great sleeper, always smiling and giving those amazing wide eye stares that just make you melt. At this rate I may feel tempted to keep having babies. We love you Gavi Goo.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Easter Visit

Great moments when Papa came to visit...
Riding the Easter train in Stanley always I am the most excited!
Elijah telling us that his Easter egg was going to hatch (because the foil was coming off) then getting chocolate on his hand "Mom my finger tastes gross"!
Making Dan turn around so we could drive down the Cherry Blossom lined street
Hiking in Lynn Canyon and a taco lunch on the bench
(okay I was totally scared going across the suspension bridge with my babies)
Yummy dinners and breakfast shakes
Party Tray Sushi (Elijah being very distraught that they tainted his tofu roll with plum preserve) "Mom let's go back to the other restaurant"
Papa making Gavin giggle with the best belly laugh!
Discovering Korean Melon and making the best melon, cucumber and mint salad.
Watching Elijah and Papa play cars on the balcony.
A beautiful walk down to the farm and the rain kindly waiting till we got there.
mmmm....Halibut at the Chinese Restaurant in Richmond!
Elijah what was your favourite thing about seeing papa? " Sitting on the fishing docks eating grapes, and baby tomatoes!!"