Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Valentines day...

Dan and the kids surprised me with the most amazing Valentine, all of their hands doing the 'I love you' sign. Melt. We ventured downtown and had a lovely day downtown skating at Robson Square. A mass group wedding was going on while we were skating - so much love, clapping and happy newlyweds! After, we went into chapters to use the bathroom and there was a huge American doll section (including a hair salon and spa for dolls) crazy right?! Elijah seemed unfazed by the whole thing and walked right through until he came across a doll in a wheelchair. He stopped, carefully took her off the shelf, adjusted her feet back onto the foot rests and took her for a little spin. He said nothing and returned her to the shelf ever so gently and continued to walk. Such a sweet boy. Both the kids were so tired from the day that they both fell asleep and so Dan and I took the opportunity to enjoy an amazing mango hot chocolate at Hotel Georgia. A perfect love day.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Adios Mexico!!

Well we finally figured out our little town by the end of our trip. On Monday's we would get fresh chicken's from the chicken lady, and also venture to the vegetable market and pick up our amazing produce for the week. We figured out the sound of the horn for the tortilla man, which was just in time because we had bought out all the flour tortillas in the town store. When the kids heard the beeping they would go running down to the road, pesos in hand to buy a stack of warm fresh tortillas from the coolers in the back of his truck. They would take turns paying, carrying the bag, wrapping them in a cloth and putting them in the bowl, of course not without sampling a few first. Something so simple made them so happy. One of the best discoveries was the cake lady's house. You would go knock at her door and buy slices of whatever cake she made that day (for those of you who do not know, Mexican cake is AMAZING and pales greatly in comparison to anything we call cake here).  And  the Mexican popsicles, don't even get me started! We loved stumbling upon the Popsicle man, or hearing the faint sound of his bell and sending Papa running. We also ventured out of our little town to go to Zihuatanejho where we spent some beautiful days...driving way way up to breathtaking views, the kids sippin' coco frio's on the beach, and one of the best moments was seeing the huge catch from a fisherman using nothing but a hand line. We had such great adventures. Adios Mexico.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Christmas Splendour

Moments of Christmas Splendour
Raffi's Christmas album blaring in the kitchen making me and my sis so happy.
Frosty the Snowman on repeat for Elijah...oh his awesome little foot stomp!
How the kids loved peeling back the days on the Christmas Calendar, taking turns so graciously.
The black forest dulce de leche cake that did not quite make it till Christmas...and all the adults sneaking the left overs in a huddled frenzy.
A beautiful relaxed morning of crafting our Christmas tree, making paper flowers, snowflake garlands and Clara's awesome tarantula decoration.
Elijah and Zia Jen gluing on the tree ornaments with such focus.
Nathaniel puddle jumping with glee... man that kid can jump!
Papa's impromptu pouring rain beach walk with the kids.
Frosty the Snowman braving the Mexican heat and leaving matching p.j's for all five of our munchkins.
Making Christmas eve dinner...mmm...chicken with mole sauce...
Elijah and Clara 'cheersing' their chicken feet!
Clara's epic Santa planning process- from how he will get it to the house without getting caught in the  net to making sure he would also get some presents (which she thoughtfully wrapped in an entire roll of paper towel).
Papa's cooler of beautiful pink snapper!
The stockings that were hung on the hammock with care.
Reid and Dan's amazing piñata hanging, rope braiding, giggling escapade.
Bursting with Christmas morning excitement.
Elijah being so stoked that Santa left snacks in his stocking-especially the strawberry biscuit.
Clara trying gum for the first time.
Nathaniel's impressive Sponge Bob embroidery.
Papa's amazing top spinning ability, seriously he has some skill!
The massive Scorpion that wished me a Merry Christmas in my bathroom.
Dan and the kids playing with their new fishing rods.
The kids waiting so long and so patiently to bust open that piñata!
Chillin' in the family hammock.
The simplicity of everything that made it so rich.
Ahh Moments of Christmas Splendour.